Cosmic Induction Generator

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The Cosmic Induction Generator is a very important technology with many applications, but the first goal was to demonstrate the manifestation of visible evidence of the intrinsic formative forces of the universe, which is done in the spirit of Tesla technology.
The Tesla Transmitters are designed to replicate the ideas expressed in Wilhelm Reich’s “Cosmic Superimposition” of formative fields. When two living energy fields mutually interact, they can stimulate each others’ excitation to the point of illumination – in other words, CREATE LIGHT!
You’ll be getting a 72 minute, in-depth presentation explaining the history and science of the Cosmic Induction Generator and it’s use as a study aid for the “etheric formative forces” of the Electrical Universe. Also included are complete schematics and circuit characteristics based on Eric Dollard’s “transmission line” theory of operation.
There is also quite a bit of Q & A throughout the presentation – John answers a LOT of questions!
As a bonus, you’ll even get over 180 MB of photos of John Polakowski & Eric Dollard working on the CIG at EPD Laboratories and three videos about the CIG that have already been put on YouTube but are included for your convenience. They are interviews with Eric, John with some video of them working on the CIG.
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Mythbusters Busted and look what’s coming!

 Hi Everyone,
First of all, a special thanks to all of you who have shown your interest in the Ed Gray motor. The response to this package has been absolutely overwhelming!

In our lifetime, the Ed Gray motor was the most significant “free energy” machine that has ever been promoted significantly in the public domain. It has the highest COP (coefficient of performance) confirmed by testing labs in Southern California. It was endorsed by the Crosby Institute, which was Bing Crosby’s private “black ops” organization that solved thousands of technical problems for the United States Government during WWII and on into the 1960’s. 
John Bedini and his associate Ron Cole personally visited Ed Gray on numerous occasions. Both were permitted to examine his technology and came away with a working knowledge of it. It was clearly the first electric motor system that ran on one set of batteries and recharged another while producing mechanical horsepower. 
In 2000, Peter Lindemann released his classic book called The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, which made the connection between Tesla’s work with radiant energy and Ed Gray’s methods of capturing “Cold Electricity.” 
Around 2008, Aaron Murakami discovered similarities between his plasma ignition circuit and the famous “Gray Tube”, which he realized from the diagrams that John Bedini released following the release of Peter’s book. He demonstrated a running motor using the plasma ignition circuit as an analogy to the Gray Tube, which he open sourced in Energetic Forum. 
So you can see the Ed Gray material has been instrumental in the work of many researchers who happen to live in the Spokane, Washington area. It is an interesting point of history that Bing Crosby also came from Spokane. 
We highly recommend Mark McKay’s presentations The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor Parts 1 & 2 because it is the most factual information that has ever been available on this subject matter. And by the way, Mark lives in Spokane too! 
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A few years back, the Mythbusters did an episode where they attempted to debunk a Bedini machine. We knew from the beginning it was a setup since they didn’t even build it right, didn’t contact John for details, and the list goes on. 
Here is a video we just came across with a great comparison between quack science demonstrated in the Mythbuster’s episode versus someone who actually followed the directions and achieved a working unit. 
Next Tuesday the 26th, we are releasing the final video presentation from the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference series. The Cosmic Induction Generator presentation was given by John Polakowski and it highlights all the technical details necessary to build one if you have some electrical and engineering background. 
The Cosmic Induction Generator is definitely one of the most incredible and * RARE * devices that demonstrates quite a few unconventional principles that simply are not in the textbooks. John is the first to replicate this machine designed by Eric Dollard and publish the details, so you’ll definitely want to add this to your library.
Keep an eye out from us on Tuesday with the link, so stay tuned


The Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification by Jim Murray & Paul Babcock
The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson by Eric Dollard
Dynaflux Alternator by Jim Murray
Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami
Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron Murakami
Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine by William Lyne
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor Part 2 by Mark McKay

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